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Getting Ready

Well there has been a lot of things going on around here of late. Just got our tent out this morning and made sure we had all the parts and more importantly we had to remember how to put it up. A few minutes of head scratching and it all seemed to come together. Always best to practice before you head off and embarrass yourself in front of hardened campers. We are hoping to spend a bit of time in it to save money and also from what we read Africa has a lot of great guest houses and backpackers that allow you to pitch a tent.


You think you have it all covered and then just keep thinking of new things that need to be done. The shopping has just about finished we have confirmed our flights and will be leaving on the 14th February. Yes valentines day for all you romantics out there. We have been trying to focus on what we need to do hereĀ and worry about what to do once we start travelling. Having these books beside your bed certainly makes for some exciting reading.


MustĀ focus more on packing things up and less on what to do?

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